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The Hope Foundation looks forward to celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) on the 8th of March. We are proud to demonstrate and celebrate our continued commitment to improve the lives of young girls and women living in the slum communities of Kolkata and West Bengal, India. Without The Hope Foundation many of these women would be subjected to lives of poverty and abuse. As you know HOPE was first established in 1999 by Maureen Forrest as a protection home for girls and gender equality is at the heart of HOPE. Today, HOPE funds and operates many projects devoted to the protection, education and empowerment of girls and young women.

This year we are asking everyone to raise a hand for women and girls everywhere. On the day we are encouraging our staff, supporters, ambassadors, and members of the public to take a photo or short video with #SHEis written on their hand followed by a word that means something to them, not only with regard to HOPE’s support of Indian girls and women, but also supporting the message of IWD this year, which is gender equality, equity and inclusion.

If you would like to support the #SHEis campaign, take a photo with #SHEis on your hand followed by a word of your choice, share on social media on 8th March with #SHEis, tag The Hope Foundation USA using our tags below and, if you can, please donate via the donation form below.

By donating to our #SHEis campaign you are helping us to continue to protect girls and young women from neglect, abuse and pain in Kolkata and West Bengal.



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What HOPE is Doing

to Protect & Educate Girls & Women

Kasba Girls Home – Girls below 14 years of age rescued from vulnerable situations on the streets and within the slums of Kolkata are provided for holistically. The girls also engage in recreational activities and outings, while residing in a safe, child-first environment.

Ashar Alo Girls Home – HOPE’s newest girl’s protection home caters for the needs of girls between 14-16 years of age, inclusive of girls above 18 years of age who are placed in secure and supported hostel care. This home provides all the necessary care for these young women to become independent, informed and confident young women through guidance, education and job placement support.

PBK Girls Home – A shelter home for 18 children of sex workers in the Kalighat district of Kolkata, working to eradicate second generation prostitution through the restoration of their childhoods and the delivery of education, protection, healthcare, counselling, recreational and holistic and full development.

Keertika Girls Home – 25 at-risk girls are supported in the Keertika Home through the provision of healthcare, education, protection, counselling, nutrition and recreation activities. Many of the girls have fallen victim to trafficking, physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse or were at great risk and danger of such violations and neglect.

Crisis Intervention Centre Female Providing immediate care and protection with a temporary shelter home for girls and young women who experience violence, abuse or neglect throughout the streets of Kolkata.

Mother & Child Care Unit  Short-term, immediate care and protection for mothers and children who experience difficulties on the streets and in the slums of Kolkata. Necessary support services are provided on a needs-basis, with family restoration, rehabilitation and repatriation as an integral part of the project where possible.

Likeskills & Vocational Training – The Lifeskills Training Institute delivers high-quality skills training to underprivileged women enabling them to earn an independent living and provide a sustainable pathway out of poverty.