Sue Perkins visits HOPE in Kolkata

Sue Perkins visits HOPE in Kolkata

We were delighted a number of months ago when we received the notification that Sue Perkins was on her way to Kolkata and had penciled HOPE in for a visit.

We constantly seek to increase awareness of our work in Kolkata with some of the most underprivileged children of our time- Sue had decided to join the growing team of ambassadors which include Christopher Biggins, Dame Judi Dench, Fiona Fullerton and Jeremy Irons. IMG_0092

Sue travelled with the director  of HOPE Kolkata, Geeta Venkadakrishnan, on our NightRound ambulance service. This ambulance operates in some of the most challenging areas of the city. Travelling through the red light areas, visiting families who make their homes under bridges and flyovers. HOPE has been working since 1999 t0 help support families out of abject poverty which has kept generations locked in deprivation and cycles of misfortune.

We continue to work across 34 slum communities, we reach out through education, protection, vocational training, healthcare, counselling, nutrition…. we help where help is needed. We, however, need support. We always need support. We are that small body of determined spirits which Gandhi spoke of.

The documentary, Kolkata with Sue Perkins, airs on BB1 on Weds 2nd September at 9pm!


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