Pattie Maguire’s Immersion Programme Experience

Pattie Maguire's Immersion Programme Experience

At the moment hundreds of extraordinary students from dozens of schools across the country are organising their final fundraising events and attending their pre-departure meetings.

Over the last few months, as part of HOPE’s School Immersion Programme, these remarkable young men and women have worked hard, with the support of their friends, families and schools, to meet their fundraising targets but the reward is within touching distance. And what a reward it is! During March and April the students will travel to Kolkata and spend a week there visiting HOPE projects. They will witness first-hand how the money they worked so hard to fundraise is used and how it is changing the lives of street and slum children, providing them with protection, healthcare, education and a path out of poverty.

Over the years thousands of students have returned from Kolkata with a renewed sense of perspective, touched forever by what they’ve seen, the people they’ve met and the lives they’ve changed.

In this video Pattie Maguire talks about her, and her family’s, experience of taking part in the HOPE Immersion Programme!

To find out more about the programme click here.

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