Message of Appreciation

Message of Appreciation


A message of appreciation from our Hon. Director Maureen Forrest and her family.


I would like to thank everyone most sincerely for all your support and kindness following the recent death of my beloved husband Dick which was so sudden and heartbreaking. I now begin the journey to try and get my life back together without the man who made all my work with HOPE possible. I will greatly miss the comfort of having him always by my side. Despite the distance between us when I spent time in India, I always felt his love and solidarity. I take great comfort from the thousands of messages of support and the outpouring of love that I have received from all over the world since he passed. What I have learned recently, is that time runs out on us all very fast, if I could give one piece of advice to you all today, it would be, don’t take a minute of the time with your loved ones for granted.

Thank you also for the messages following the death of my mother Teresa in January.

Thank you all.

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