Meet The Children – Mita

Meet The Children Mita

“To take a child that’s suffering and give them a chance in the world, now that’s something” From the Oscar nominated film ‘Lion’

Meet Mita and see how your support is bringing about real and sustainable change in the lives of the children in Kolkata.

Mita is the youngest of 8 in her family. At just 4 years old, Mita spent every day trying to survive  by searching for recyclable waste with her family in one of Kolkata’s biggest dumps. This is no way for any little child to live, it is simply unimaginable that a little girl like Mita would have to forage in a mountain of toxic waste and rubbish in the searing heat searching for anything at all that might help to feed her or her family. It is sad, and it is wrong. At HOPE we believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of this nightmare where children and families like Mita are trapped every day. Thanks to the support of people like you.

Mita’s family have now enrolled her in the HOPE crèche, she happily attends every day. Mita no longer spends long miserable days foraging with wild pigs and dangerous waste. She has HOPE, she has a future, she has a chance in the world.

Mita is one of many children whose lives are changed forever because of your generosity. She is where a little girl should be every day, at school.

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