Likeskills Tailoring Unit Graduates

Likeskills Tailoring Unit Graduates

Everyone at HOPE is incredibly proud of our most recent Likeskills Tailoring Unit graduates! We wish you all the very best of luck for the future. We are delighted that HOPE Lifeskills Training Institute has helped you gain qualifications to further your careers.

Thank you to Kolkata crop nutrition brand, Indorama, for their support on this project and to our dedicated teaching staff.

The Lifeskills Training Institute delivers high-quality vocational training to individuals who are unable to avail of such services elsewhere. Professionally designed training, which is tailored to suit the capabilities of the trainees, provides the young women and men with the opportunity to train and get a job placement.

The institute was initially set up to help distressed and marginalized women. Now it’s also open to young people from HOPE protection homes, surrounding slum areas and through placements from other NGOs working towards female and youth empowerment. These will typically be kids who have not received formal educations. HOPE runs further vocational training in Kolkata through a separate training institute operated by our partner NGO, PBKOJP, which is overseen and monitored by HOPE.

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