Make a lasting difference

By sponsoring a child in HOPE’s care, you can make a lasting difference to the future of that child and their future families.

Through the Educational Sponsorship Program we support children from pre-school right through to third level.

If you decide child sponsorship is right for you, then we will assign a particular child to you. We will update you on their progress through school and send you reports, letters and artwork from the child. Often sponsors may decide to send the child birthday or Christmas gifts.

Sponsorship costs only $25 per month, or $300 for a full year. That works out at less than $6 per week.

To find out more and to sponsor a child please get in touch, email or call 00 353 87 9146837.

You can also become a child sponsor quickly and easily via the button below.

HOPE's Crèches

HOPE’s crèches and preparatory centres provide education, medical care and nutrition to prepare children for formal school.

Then, when each child has progressed to primary school, we provide books, uniforms, fees and after school coaching to ensure that each child stays in school to progress their learning. HOPE supports each child to complete their education.

Education is the key to making lasting change in the poorest communities. It’s the way to change social attitudes and enable children to grow into adults who are employable and who can go on to provide for themselves and their families. We need your help to do this.