“The immersion school trip is an amazing opportunity for young people to get a better understanding of poverty, living in such a small country we call Ireland many people don’t realise the extent for the poverty out there. It’s an experience you will never forget an is something you can’t just tell people about and expect them to understand, no you really have to experience it for yourself as its so hard to put in words how amazing this trip is. kolkata is a beautiful place with very nice people however there are a lot of bad too, but when there all I saw was the good. The children are so happy there and make you realise that there happy with the basics and that if they can be happy with just that so should we, so how come we have all this stuff we don’t need. These kids gave away the stuff we gave them, for example when we brought stickers for them they didn’t use them all they gave us some. There beautiful children who are happy, caring toward one an another and are amazingly talented and deserve the world.”