I chose to sign up and have the opportunity because I felt like it was time to give back to those in need. I’m so grateful for the life I love I wanted to show not only myself but my peers and family that I’m caring and loving and I felt HOPE provided this for me ….I’m 16 years of age and to think I travelled to Kolkata, India, and helped out so many children, got to know a different culture made loads of new friends and had THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF LIFE is not something everyone can say they done at such a young age. I’m glad and grateful I got the opportunity to be able to experience this AMAZING EXPERIENCE words can’t describe the feelings I have for HOPE. HOPE was a life change for me and many others too, I’m sure.
Helping One Person Everyday is my new motto. HOPE has changed me and for the better – I’m more determined now to appreciate life as good as I have it and to be glad of such wonderful things in this world.