An Urgent Appeal to our Friends & Supporters

We are all experiencing an unprecedented situation due to COVID-19. We understand that we are facing a crisis here at home in the US, and we’ve all got a role to play to help us get through it, but we made a promise to the vulnerable people living on the streets and in the slums of Kolkata. They can’t practice social distancing, they don’t have access to hand sanitizer – they’re lucky if they have access to water.

We fear that if we don’t act now the virus will spiral out of control in the crowded slums and among the street-dwelling population, who have no way of protecting themselves. Many of these people are in the high-risk category and are especially vulnerable.

We urgently need to distribute food packs to families who now have no income due to the lockdown and we also need to provide them with basic protective supplies and equipment so that we can fight this terrible virus and slow the spread. We also need to protect our healthcare workers fighting on the frontline by providing them with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) packs. Can you help us?

Food & Provisions Pack


Daily wage earners will be the most affected by COVID-19, both during the lockdown and during the post-pandemic economic crisis. They will struggle to survive every single day. Donating ration kits to their families will go a long way to supporting them.

Currently we are distributing 10kg of rice and 2kg of dal (lentils), which will feed a family of five for two weeks. These packs are being distributed among the street population in 17 of the most vulnerable areas in Kolkata where the HOPE Night Round Mobile Ambulance team are working.

Sanitation Kit


Families living on the streets do not have immediate access to the most basic of items required to keep themselves safe from infection. We urgently need to distribute as many of these kits as possible to prevent the virus from spreading uncontrollably through these vulnerable communities.

Each kit will contain:

  • Gloves
  • 100ml handwash
  • 200ml sanitizer
  • 1 medicated soap

PPE Pack for Medical Staff


Personal Protective Equipment is vital in protecting medical and paramedical staff working on the frontline who are exposed to the virus on a regular basis. If healthcare workers become sick then the healthcare capacity is reduced, making it more difficult to flatten the curve.

This pack contains:

  • N-95 Respirator Mask
  • Pack of 3 Ply Surgical Masks
  • Disposable Apron & Gloves